Compact grippers boast high power density

Paul Boughton
Schunk is expanding its compact JGP type two-finger-parallel and JGZ type three-finger-centric series of grippers with sizes 200, 240 and 300. All of these modules are equipped with a powerful pneumatic oval or round piston drive; together with the compact dimensions, this results in an excellent power density.
The integrated jaw guidance in a rigid T-slot ensures precise and fail-safe handling, hence the grippers are suitable for many standard tasks in industrial automation and offer all essential functions at an attractive price. Due to the compact design, the JGP and JGZ grippers can also be used where only limited space is available.
By using standard inductive proximity switches or magnetic T-slot switches from Schunk, the grippers can be easily and reliably controlled. Moreover, they can be additionally equipped with accessories from the premium PGN-plus and PZN-plus product ranges. These include force-measuring jaws, analogue and magnetic position sensors, and jaw blanks.
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