Machine condition monitoring device is easy to use

Paul Boughton
It is now said to be easy and cost-effective to monitor vibration on more moving parts with the latest Efector Octavis product from IFM Electronic. The Efector Octavis VKV is a self-contained vibration monitor with built-in switching output and a transmitter function. Attached to almost any machine, the VKV monitors the overall condition of equipment by analysing the severity of the vibration.
Knowing how to set up such a unit is made easier by reference to the ISO standard 10816. This standard establishes the general conditions and procedures for the measurement and evaluation of vibration using measurements made on the non-rotating parts of machines, primarily with regard to securing reliable long-term operation. Coverage of machine types in the standard ranges from reciprocating pumps to industrial machines, steam turbines and generators.
In use, the Efector Octavis VKV is firmly attached to the machine, then the rms (vibration in mm/s or even inches/s) is set on the first ring, followed by the time delay on the second ring. Once the setting is in and locked, the task is complete and the VKV will monitor the plant unattended.
Small and easily set-up, the Efector Octavis VKV reduces the need for specialist knowledge or expensive outsourcing. The output will switch if the preset vibration velocity is reached, or the additional 4-20mA signal can display a value or be monitored centrally.
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