Combined connector for power and signal, including industrial Ethernet

Paul Boughton
Tyco Electronics' new real-time hybrid connectors with 8+4 power and signal contacts have been designed for machine automation applications that require a higher performance of up to 10A and a separate power supply. The Power4Net connectors meet the demanding durability and quality requirements of real-time Ethernet applications in industrial automation.
Both the eight power contacts and four signal contacts of the fast Ethernet interface (and shielding) are robustly built, and both the PCB-mount and crimp versions feature multiple contact points. Optimised streamlining of the contacts ensures permanent shock and swing-proof interconnection, providing the foundation for real-time capabilities. An isolation crimp ensures optimal seating and additional strain relief for the power contacts.
Hybrid cabling for the Power4Net connector components is readily available and there are also versions for use with cable carriers. Combining power supply and signal into a single line significantly reduces cabling time and costs.
To cover broad industrial automation applications, the Power4Net hybrid connector is available with either a metal housing for noise-sensitive (EMC) applications or with a plastic housing to resist hydraulic oil. Two types of housing are available, one for cable mounting and one for panel mounting. There is also a coupling device.
The connector's quick-turn interlock withstands high and lasting levels of shock and vibration from moving and swinging machine parts (up to 25 'g' of acceleration). For consistent use in harsh industrial applications, radial sealing elements are used to achieve IP67 protection.
A split design concept for the housing allows customers to determine the wiring order so that the contact carrier can be inset into the housing at any time. Housing, strain relief and sealing elements are designed for maximum flexibility and for the use of pre-assembled cables. To provide the maximum wiring area, the housing lock is on the underside. Even the setting of the seven encoding positioning can be made during or after assembly.
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