Risk analysis for low carbon systems

Paul Boughton
The challenge of moving towards a low carbon future requires the development and the deployment of a portfolio of low carbon systems for the power generation sector.

The power generation sector, in fact, is a major source of GHGs emissions, especially in the UK where it accounts for a large proportion of the total CO2 release.

A key question is which options to pursue. The systems envisaged are larger and more complex than the current state-of-the-art technology and are quite different with each other.

The TERA (Technoeconomic Environmental Risk Analysis) methodology, used for the European aviation industry under the leadership of Cranfield University, will provide a valuable insight to investigate the most promising systems in terms of multidisciplinary criteria and to estimate their competitiveness, so as to facilitate their route to commercial operation with benefits for the UK energy industry and for the long term needs of the community.

TERA methods are being developed for power generation and the oil and gas industry in association with two major players in the energy field.

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