PTFE bearing materials last longer

Paul Boughton
Quadrant's range of enhanced PTFE materials is being expanded with the addition of two new grades: Fluorosint HPV and Fluorosint MT-01. FDA-compliant Fluorosint HPV is a mica-filled high-performance bearing grade that can deliver a pressure velocity (PV) performance improvement of more than 40 per cent over other PTFE materials according to in-house tests conducted by Quadrant. Parts made of Fluorosint HPV can withstand higher loads and velocities while delivering better wear resistance, enabling the part to last longer compared to existing FDA-compliant PTFE-based materials. The product was specially developed to meet the demands of high-performance bearing applications where other, low-technology PTFE formulations would exhibit premature wear or not perform adequately. These characteristics, together with FDA compliance for food and pharmaceutical applications, open up interesting new options for engineers and manufacturers.
Dr Stephan Glander, global director of research and market development at Quadrant EPP, comments: "Simply put, parts machined from Fluorosint HPV last longer than those made from many of the alternative filled PTFE materials on the market today. Fluorosint HPV can replace bronze, steel and powdered metal parts and deliver performance gains in wear life and system performance. Typical applications include thrust washers, wear guides, seals and food processing and preparation equipment."
The second new grade addition, Fluorosint MT-01, combines exceptionally high temperature resistance with low deformation and a low CLTE (coefficient of linear thermal expansion). Dr Glander says: "Engineers often need to balance compliance of PTFE, its ability to both deform and retain rigidity, with precise control, even at elevated temperatures. Fluorosint MT-01 is perfectly suited to perform under these conditions."
Fluorosint MT-01 was developed for high-temperature applications such as bearings, seals and wear surfaces where higher loads are present. Ovens, dryers and linear positioning equipment exposed to elevated temperatures are all good applications for this 'ultra-performance' grade.
Quadrant offers these materials in a wide range of rods, sheets and tubular shapes for machining. Design and manufacturing of finished parts is also available.
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