IEC launches portal for global standards for Smart Grid

Paul Boughton
To satisfy global energy needs and protect our planet, we must become increasingly efficient in how we produce, distribute and use energy. The aim of Smart Grids is to optimise energy distribution and use, as well as integrate electricity from small and big producers and from renewable sources. To do so, Smart Grid projects depend on protocols and standards that ensure seamless interoperability of existing and new devices and systems.

With the launch of its web portal "IEC Global Standards for Smart Grid," the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) provides the basis for building safe and efficient Smart Grid projects. This one-stop access point for anyone involved in Smart Grid projects provides a comprehensive catalogue of focused standards.

Together with leading experts on Smart Grid technology, the IEC has developed a framework for standardisation that will help many countries to take the first step towards addressing their energy efficiency challenges.

Richard Schomberg, vice president of research at EDF and chairman of the IEC Strategic Group in charge of Smart Grids, comments: "There is now an urgent need to demonstrate how the electrical industry will be able to rely on the IEC as a 'beacon' in terms of smart grids, and to start providing a one-stop shop for the large number of smart grid projects that are being launched around the world."

The dedicated web zone, which is bound to expand as projects evolve, provides a single database of standards for anybody involved in Smart Grid projects. It clearly demonstrates the purpose of Smart Grid Standards in facing technical and interoperability challenges.

In addition, the site provides a definition of the Smart Grid concept, a section regarding regional differences, context and needs, and is a good starting point for anyone wishing to understand what Smart Grids are all about.

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