Encoder features replaceable shaft

Paul Boughton
The drawworks Model HS35 encoder, from BEI Industrial Encoders, is now available with a removable shaft option. With this option, if the encoder shaft becomes damaged, users no longer need to scrap the entire encoder, wasting time and money.

This option allows users to replace only the damaged shaft on the existing encoder, getting the drawworks system up and running in less time. Finally, according to BEI, there is now a more efficient solution to replacing encoders with shafts that have become damaged during drawworks operations.

The HS35 drawworks encoder is said to combine rugged, heavy-duty features into a through-shaft style for use as a winch-turns counter in the drawworks system of oil rigs.

The hard-anodised metal housing, sealed connector, IS rating, dual bearings and shaft seals for NEMA 4 and 13 (IP65) ratings all add up to a very rugged encoder built to survive in tough and unforgiving oilfield applications.

The drawworks Model HS35 provides the reliable motion feedback data necessary for a productive drawworks operation.

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BEI Industrial Encoders is based in Goleta, CA, USA. www.beiied.com

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