Modular conveyor is easier to clean

Paul Boughton
Habasit Rossi is launching Hyclean, a new plastic modular belting product for the food processing industry. Designed specifically to meet the most demanding hygiene requirements, it is claimed to deliver tangible cost savings and improvements to process and performance.

The innovative Hyclean package features a new sprocket and 2inch flat-top module, both manufactured with an advanced, hygienic design - which is claimed to be unique - together with an innovative CIP (clean-in-place) system that makes cleaning procedures in food processing areas a much easier and straightforward process.

Ian Thornham, sales and marketing director at Habasit Rossi, says: "Hygiene remains a major priority for the food manufacturing and processing industry and increasingly strict regulations present ongoing challenges to improve and maintain sanitary conditions in hygiene sensitive areas.

"At the same time, food processors are facing increased financial pressures due to the current economic climate. This means additional demands to reduce costs, minimise downtime and maximise productivity.

"The new Hyclean plastic modular belts provide the solution to these challenges by offering better hygiene and substantial cost savings to the food processing industry."

A neat sprocket design provides good exposure of critical areas on the reverse belt side due to rounded features and innovative slots between teeth pairs, which offers excellent water accessibility. The sprocket also allows 100 per cent hinge exposure over the entire belt width, a feature that is said to be unique to the market. The overall result is excellent sanitation and reduced water consumption, labour costs and downtime.

Promoting the easy release of debris via a dynamic open hinge, the new Hyclean 2inch flat-top design features wider but fewer links than similar products. Its flat top helps prevent food residues from becoming trapped and the wide open links on the reverse side allow 85 per cent rod surface access, making cleaning much more effective. The polished reverse also minimises soiling and prevents food residues from adhering.

The Hyclean CIP features a main spray shaft with nozzles to clean inside-out, exactly where the dynamic open hinges opens, also reaching the slots between the sprocket teeth pairs. The nozzles are adjusted so that an overlapping water spray pattern allows thorough cleaning over the entire belt width. Where required, the CIP system can also include an outside cleaning tube and edge cleaning nozzles to clean the hard-to-reach conveyor belt edges and rod locking system.

Every component in the Hyclean range delivers significant hygiene improvements, increased cleaning efficiency and cost benefits. Components can be installed as an entire package or as individual elements combined for retrofitting to existing conveyors and belting products.

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