Absolute pressure transmitter features one-piece housing

Paul Boughton
HBM is introducing the P2V absolute pressure transmitter for general industrial applications; this versatile unit benefits from an extremely wide measuring range of 100 to 5000bar.

Based on a one-piece housing, the compact design has excellent measurement properties and a long service life. The P2V is fitted with a high-quality, low-noise amplifier that ensures both highly dynamic processes and short pressure peaks can be measured reliably.

The P2V complements HBM's existing product range by providing customers with an integrated family of absolute pressure transducers with excellent price-to-performance ratios for products of their class.

P2V series pressure transmitters are available with standard M12 connections with optional Teds (transducer electronic data sheets) containing all of the important transducer data in an integrated memory chip.

For more information, visit www.hbm.com/pressure

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