Laminate shimstock helps companies gain competitive edge

Paul Boughton
Advances in the bonding and manufacture of laminate shimstock are helping to boost global demand for this product.

As the impact of the credit crunch and economic crisis force engineering and manufacturing companies to review and reduce costs, laminate shimstock is being seen as a no risk solution in assisting this process.

Laminate shimstock is available in a variety of materials including brass, steel, aluminium and hybrid in a variety of sizes and thicknesses and is used in the majority of manufacturing and engineering sectors such as aerospace, railways, power, automotive, construction and other high technology related industries.

Laminate Shimstock is multiple layers of foil bonded together to produce a near solid material, this allows the functionality of a solid with the benefit of being able to peel individual layers to required thickness. This allows manufacturers to reduce part count, which gives a time and process advantage when assembling components.

Examples of uses are where tolerance accumulation is evident, precision alignment is required and where wear compensation is needed.

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