Control solution for machine builders

Paul Boughton

Rockwell Automation has extended its control offering for machine builders with the launch of Connected Components, helping to meet today’s requirements for sophisticated control on stand-alone machines in an affordable, easier-to-implement solution.

A full suite of associated components and a dedicated set of class-leading application development tools, Connected Components gives machine builders what they need to address their control requirements in the shortest possible time.

Connected Components is built around a core of  MicroLogix PLC’s, PowerFlex 4 class drives and the newly developed PanelView Component HMI. With these come the Connected Components Building Blocks – essential tools that make it quicker and easier to implement common control tasks as part of the machine design.

The Building Blocks include pre-written blocks of application code for the PLC that can be modified to help meet the precise needs of a given machine, pre-written HMI programs to make setting up the operator interface easier, and pre-configured drive parameter files that take the strain out of implementing speed control tasks.

The Building Blocks also help with product selection, panel layout and wiring diagrams, and with generating a bill of materials for the project.

Complementing the control core, the Connected Components offering extends to a complete suite of Rockwell Automation starters, motors, pushbuttons, sensors, safety products, power supplies and other essential control components.

With the Building Blocks, an associated ‘Quick Start’ guide and a full set of application briefs, Connected Components represents much more than a ‘catalogue of components’. Instead it provides a complete, standalone control package for applications where price and simplicity of set-up are as important as power and flexibility.

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