Reciprocating diaphragm pumps for sour gas re-injection

Paul Boughton

Lewa’s diaphragm pumps are suitable for fluids endangering the environment, toxic, sensitive, highly viscous or abrasive fluids. They are inherently safe against upset conditions as overload and cavitations and even operator errors. The diaphragm pumps have proven their safety and reliability in numerous applications in the oil and gas industry.

Since environmental and safety impact of leakages – even small fugitive emissions – are especially critical with highly toxic H2S and sour gas, leak free diaphragm pumps found acceptance in the sour gas re-injection too. If the design of the compression scheme of the re-injection requires pressures above 150 bar the final compression step can be provided by high pressure diaphragm pumps of Lewa.

Diaphragm pumps offer an optimal solution regarding economic and ecological process requirements. It becomes clear that hermetically tight diaphragm pumps have decisive technical advantages in comparison to plunger pumps when critical and dangerous liquefied gases have to be handled at high pressures. In addition the low maintenance requirements keep the life cycle costs down and the higher investment pays off in a rather short time.

One of the main applications for these kind of pumps is the sour gas reinjection. In Abu Dhabi the gas frequently contains 30 per cent H2S. A growing challenge is the reduction of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) which is produced from sour hydrocarbon pools and CO2 from different major single sources.
More and more operators are turning to sour gas waste management by re-injecting it into deep geological formations.o

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