Thermowell suits hygiene-critical applications

Paul Boughton
Wika is introducing a new type of thermowell for the process adaptation of electrical and mechanical thermometers in sterile process environments such as those in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The thermowell model TW22 is available both with all standard connection variants - for example, milk thread fitting and clamp connection - and with aseptic connection to DIN 11 864 or the specially developed welding ball. It can also be combined with the TR22 resistance thermometer, which protects the sensor from harsh process conditions.

In combination with the TR22 resistance thermometer, the connection head plus measuring insert can be pulled out. This enables the thermometer to be calibrated along with the entire measuring chain – without disconnecting the electrical connections. As this also avoids opening the process environment, the hygienic risk is drastically minimised.

The TW22 thermowell can alternatively be combined with mechanical thermometers or temperature switches. It is installed in a fitting using a suitable hygienic connection. The welding ball enables the thermowell to be welded directly into a pipeline or a tank. A rotating fitting means the respective connection head or the display can be aligned in the desired direction.

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