Cryogenic seal for radar level sensors

21st February 2013

Emerson Process Management has introduced a cryogenic seal for its Rosemount 5300 Series of high performance guided wave radar (GWR) level transmitters.

The seal enables accurate, reliable level measurement of condensed and liquefied gasses at very low temperatures (to -196°C) and is ideal for use in process tanks, side chambers, storage tanks and transportation vessels.

The development of the seal, which is a direct result of customer demand from within the chemical, oil and gas and petrochemical sectors, offers benefits to all process industries where liquefaction of gasses occurs.

These gasses include natural gas, ethane, propane, butane, LPG, NGL, ethylene, nitrogen, inert gasses (such as Argon, Neon and Xenon) and carbon dioxide. The hermetic, gas-tight and robust construction also offers a safe and reliable seal solution for measuring liquefied anhydrous ammonia.

The new transmitter seal provides multiple layers of protection using a temperature and pressure barrier in a flexible assembly to handle forces induced by probe movement and temperature variations. A second brazed hermetic, gas-tight seal provides additional protection. The entire assembly is welded into a stainless steel sleeve for total robustness.

The two-wire technology of the Rosemount 5300 enables fast and inexpensive installation. FOUNDATION fieldbus, HART and PlantWeb functionality means the transmitter integrates easily into new or existing control systems. This, in addition to maintenance-free operation, results in a quicker return on investment with overall improved uptime and enhanced safety.

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