New TFT display modules for 2009

Paul Boughton
Hitachi Display Products Group (DPG) is unveiling a series of new TFT display modules due for introduction to the European market. The first showing of the new display modules up was at Electronica in November 2008.

The following displays are scheduled to be released to the European market during 2009: a 6.5-inch VGA TFT, a 7.0-inch WVGA TFT and an 8.0-inch WVGA TFT, with both the WVGA displays featuring Hitachi's IPS Pro technology. Also announced were two high-resolution displays targeting medical and professional monitoring applications: the new 19-inch WSXGA+ and a 21.2-inch QXGA TFT display module, which also feature IPS-Pro technology.

Hitachi claims that its continuous improvement of IPS LCD technology now provides the best LCD products on the market for professional, high-end and multi-user imaging. The latest evolution, IPS-Pro, delivers exceptional colour saturation, colour stability, excellent contrast and deeper black levels, with a 176-degree wide vertical and horizontal viewing angle.

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