Temperature sensors are easy to install

Paul Boughton
HBM is introducing the TT-3/100 temperature sensor that is made of a 5um-thin nickel measuring grid embedded between two polyamide foils. It is therefore very flexible and can be fitted to both flat and curved surfaces.

Each sensor is glued onto the component – in the same way as strain gages – resulting in excellent thermal contact and a rapid response time. Integrated solder tabs are provided for making the electrical connections to the data acquisition system.

The TT-3/100 temperature sensor covers a range of -70 to +180 degrees C and has a nominal (rated) resistance at 0 degrees C of 100ohms. An appropriate amplifier for making resistance measurements is required for temperature measurement.

HBM has designed the TT-3/100 to complement its range of strain gages and the sensor is particularly suitable for applications where strain gages are used at the same time.

For more information, visit www.hbm.com/stressanalysis

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