PLCs gain more I/O and faster counters

Paul Boughton
Rockwell Automation is now shipping the newest member of the Allen-Bradley Micrologix family of programmable controllers. The Micrologix 1400 controller provides end users and machine builders with a higher I/O count, faster high-speed counter and pulse train output (PTO), as well as improved network capabilities.

Seung Ju Lee, Micrologix product manager at Rockwell Automation, comments: "Customer demand has shown the need for an affordable controller that provides a greater level of control and communication. An embedded Ethernet port and two embedded serial ports with advanced communication protocols will provide the customer with a valuable solution in many applications."

The Micrologix 1400 controller builds upon the features of the Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1100 controller - namely online editing, Ethernet/IP and an embedded LCD - while providing users with additional improvements. This new family of controllers is available with an embedded I/O count of up to 38, and can support up to seven additional I/O modules for a maximum of 144 discrete I/O points.

Other features include up to six embedded 100kHz high-speed counters and removable terminal blocks. Micrologix 1400 controllers can support up to 10,000 program words and 10,000 words for data, as well as a memory module for program backup and transport, and data log or recipe-storing.

The Micrologix 1400 controller is suitable for general industrial machinery applications, HVAC and building automation, machines used in food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing, commercial machinery, and applications using supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).

Micrologix 1400 controllers come in six variations: three without embedded analogue I/O at EUR568 and three variations with six embedded analogue I/O at EUR711.

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