Optically isolated modulators for industrial motor applications

Paul Boughton
Avago Technologies, a supplier of analogue interface components for communications, industrial and consumer applications, has announced one of the industry’s first optically isolated sigma-delta modulator using an external clock to provide direct measurement of motor phase currents in power inverters.

Based on an advanced low power CMOS process, the ACPL-796J uses an external clock that allows synchronised data conversion between the current sensor and controller to help motor control designers eliminate complex design processes in data and clock reading.

Moreover, the ACPL-796J is designed with digital inputs and outputs that are compatible with systems powered by 5- or 3-volt supplies and works under a wide industrial temperature range.

Combined with superior optical coupling technology, the modulator delivers high noise margins and excellent immunity against isolation-mode transients.

With 0.5 mm minimum distance through insulation, the ACPL-796J provides reliable double protection and high working insulation voltage, which is suitable for fail-safe designs.

Offered in a 16-lead small outline package, the isolated A/D converter delivers the reliability, small size, superior isolation and over-temperature performance motor drive designers need to accurately measure current at a much lower price compared to traditional current transducers.

The ACPL-796J is ideal for use in industrial applications such as HVAC systems, conveyors, servo motors and a wide range of industrial automation applications.

For more information, visitwww.avagotech.com/optocouplers