Motor control centre and power control centre options

Paul Boughton
Rockwell Automation has released the Allen-Bradley OneGear product line providing a full range of motor control centre and power control centre options.

The OneGear product line is the next generation of medium voltage motor control specifically designed for use with full voltage and solid-state, reduced voltage applications, supporting operating voltages up to 15kV.

Utilising both vacuum-contactor and circuit-breaker switching technology, the OneGear product family offers customers a wide range of flexible product solutions to help meet their application needs.

All OneGear products will be available with optional arc-resistant cabinets, which meet IEE C37.20.7 and IEC Type 2 protection.

As with all Intelligent Motor Control solutions from Rockwell Automation, the OneGear product line offers remote monitoring, diagnostic capability, and in-depth motor protection for maximum motor utilisation while avoiding damage and downtime.

The OneGear product line includes the full voltage non-reversing controller, intelligent protection systems, and 10kV to 15kV SMC Flex controllers featuring ArcShield cabinet design and Allen-Bradley PowerBrick technology.