Solar panel connector delivers ‘enhanced performance at low cost’

Paul Boughton
Amphenol Industrial Operations, has introduced Helios H4 - a low energy loss 4mm connector for photovoltaic systems with a locking design fully compliant with NEC 2008.

Improved gasket materials enhance reliability for long-term use in any environment and the new connector has a TUV-compliant touch-proof casing for increased system and user safety.

Helios H4 features a self-cleaning, high efficiency grid contact and has long term UV and ozone resistance to extend its operational life and performance.

The combination of Amphenol’s advanced contact technology and manufacturing efficiency delivers this enhanced performance at a competitive price
This low-cost connector is suitbable for connecting multiple solar panels in strings and then to combiner boxes or inverters. It is fully compatible with existing industry standard connectors making it suitable for use in both new and retrofit applications. 

RoHS-compliant, Helios H4 is easy to connect on site and has a simple unlocking tool for quick disconnection. It is engineered to meet UL, IEC/CEI, NEC, TUV and DIN V specifications.

Helios H4