Controller serves needs of complex motion applications

21st February 2013

GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms has announced the introduction of its breakthrough motion solution, PACMotion. 

PACMotion is a motion controller designed to serve the high-end needs of complex motion applications. It is part of an integrated motion and machine logic solution with the performance, flexibility and scalability required for advanced machine automation.

PACMotion modules control up to four axes plus a master axis, and up to 10 modules can be placed in a PACSystems RX3i rack for simultaneous control of up to 40 axes.  Paired with world-class FANUC Servos, it provides an unmatched solution for machine automation.

Using the PACcore architecture, a multi-processor architecture bridged by virtual dual port memory and high speed PCI backplane, PACMotion enables consistent performance and tight axis synchronisation of all axes in the rack.
Variability in manufacturing is the enemy of quality and yield.  In complex machining operations where many axes need to be synchronised, motion controllers that have a single microprocessor for all functions will see loop update performance degrade as the CPU processes more information for more axes.  Longer loop update times can introduce errors and variability in high-speed manufacturing; PACMotion eliminates this variability with PACcore architecture.

PACMotion serves the needs of high-speed machines with a high number of synchronised axes. Industries needing this feature would include packaging, assembly, woodworking, metalworking, and printing.

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