Two-component urethane suits all sizes of moulding

Paul Boughton
Chemtura Corporation is launching the Adiprene Duracast two-component urethane system. This is claimed to enable customers to pour parts of all sizes - including some of the largest, most intricate parts ever - with greater ease, toughness and durability than ever before possible.

The two components of Adiprene Duracast, with its proprietary curative, offer high performance through superior phase segregation. With no MOCA or BDO cures, Adiprene Duracast delivers significantly longer pot life and quick demould times. As a result, manufacturers gain tighter control over ratio and waste - and higher productivity at lower cost.

No TDI and no MOCA also means improved environmental health and safety, especially in handling; workers do not have to deal with dust or melting issues. The four-step process is easy to learn, which reduces human error while raising quality standards.

Manufacturers can start using Adiprene Duracast without investing in major new mix technology. It works in most applications without significant changes. It is also easy to automate. These factors contribute to defect-free parts.

Another advantage of not using TDI and MOCA is that Adiprene Duracast has the potential for better long-term price stability.

Matthew Hellstern, vice president of Chemtura Urethanes, comments: "Adiprene Duracast demonstrates total improvement in process, product and cost. With the flexibility of making large or small parts with fast or slow cures, customers may now be able to capitalise on applications that were once too difficult to produce with cast urethane or rubber."

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