Higher payload and wider reach

Paul Boughton

The Elau Robot P3+ is a complete delta 3 robot for use in packaging systems. It provides three degrees of freedom for pick-and-place systems.

Optionally a fourth axis is possible by integrating a rotary axis at the tool centre point. The package comprises all mechanical, electronic and software components required for fast integration within a packaging machine. Replacing the previous P3 robot, the new Robot P3+ offers increased performance and application range.

Equipped with intelligent servo modules instead of conventional servo motors and drives, the Robot P3+ is very easy to integrate into a packaging machine. Connected with a single quick-connect hybrid cable drop between the servo modules and the common power supply, it is claimed to be the first such plug-and-play robot. A single cabinet-mounted power supply can handle multiple robots in addition to the various servo drives in the packaging machine. Using I/O option modules, up to 24 distributed I/O points can be supported at each robot.

Like its predecessor, Robot P3+ is fully embedded in the architecture of Elau's automation system. Elau provides a rapid development path from concept to machine, all within an IEC 61131-3 compliant software structure, running all kinematics, logic and motion in a single program on a single processor. Optimised robotic motion profiles assure high machine cycle rates, while optimised tool centre point programming assure gentle product handling at high speeds. The robot allows easy integration with the most popular vision systems that, like the robot itself, OEMs can readily embed into their programming as a configurable software module.

The standard Robot P3+ has a payload capacity of 2.5kg, which is over double that of its predecessor. The work envelope has also been expanded, with diameters up to 1200mm now enabling applications such as conveyor tracking on wide conveyor belts. Recent wiring innovations make it possible to bring cables up to the gripper with hardly any loops, thereby avoiding contact with product, even if there are several cables for multifunctional grippers. All enclosures are made of stainless steel in IP67 configurations and are easy to clean.

P3+ packaging robot


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