Pick and place unit for speed and efficiency

Paul Boughton

Weiss has launched the freely programmable, HP140 Pick & Place unit.

The HP 140 allows for easy integration into existing systems, once in place the benefits of performance from this freely programmable unit are quickly realised.

Driven by highly dynamic linear motors the HP140 is fast even when operating under load, and with acceleration of 40m/s2 and speeds of 4.0 m/s, fast cycle times are easily achieved.

A typical cycle time for a pick and place operation with vertical stroke of 40mm and a horizontal stroke of 120mm is an impressive 0.74 seconds. This cycle time includes the gripper delay, handshake signal times and with the HP140 carrying a payload of 1kg.

The HP140 pick and place unit is also suitable for machine builders who wish to optimise their machine design and at the same time provide their customer with a fast and flexible solution.

For the machine builder, the integration of the HP140 is made simple as all cables required are supplied by Weiss, together with Weiss Application Software, which provides a quick and intuitive method of setting up and programming the unit.

Up to 128 positions can be stored in a total of 32 drive sequences providing both the machine builder and the end user with a highly adaptable and flexible system which has the additional benefit of low energy consumption.

With a minimum of moving parts, built in overload protection and no seals or shock absorbers to wear out, the HP140 is a robust and reliable solution to high speed assembly applications.