Moisture in oil measurement

Paul Boughton

Transmitters of the EE36 Series from E+E Elektronik allow most accurate online-monitoring of moisture content in oil.

This is very important to ensure the safe operation of machines and transformers concerned. If the amount of moisture in lubricating or insulating oils becomes too high then there is a high risk of damages to machines and transformers. The quality of lubrication and the dielectric strength are decreased dramatically by increase of moisture in oil.

Maintenance works can be done on demand and in time when the oil's moisture is measured constantly by EE36. Expensive periods of standstill and long lasting repair works will be avoided. A continuous operation of machines and transformers is warranted.

Besides measurement of water activity (0–1 aw) and oil temperature (-40–180°C/-40–356°F) the EE36 also can calculate the absolute water content (ppm). That is very important for mineral transformer oils. The calculation of water content in non-mineral transformer and lubrication oils can be accomplished by downloading specific parameters of the oil.

The proofed capacitive E+E sensor element ensures for best long term stability, highest accuracy (±0.01 aw) and good resistance against chemical pollutants.

The enclosed configuration software permits a just as simple and quick calibration of EE36 as the two push buttons designated for that on the PCB of the transmitter.

The measured values are provided at two freely scale- and configurable analogue outputs and at an optional alarm output.

Typical applications for transmitters of the EE36 Series are, for example, monitoring of insulating oil in transformers and of lubrication oil in bearings of machines of paper industries and of ocean-going ships.

EE36 Series