smaller connectors, higher performance

21st February 2013

The MMCX connector range has been developed further to demand for even smaller connectors and is considered as the next step in 50ohm micro miniature co-axial connectors.
The maximum frequency response is up to 6GHz and they can be terminated on standard coaxial cables with a diameter of 3mm making them ideal in applications where PCB space is at a premium. MMCX connectors are used primarily in the GPS, Mobile Telecoms, Wireless LAN, Measurement Equipment industries and can also be used as RF test ports.
The interface has been designed to provide a rugged, push on, semi lock mechanism. This type of lock mechanism reduces installation time. The contact material is copper alloy with gold plating with the ferrule also being copper alloy, but with nickel plating.
The insulator material is PTFE. As can be seen from Fig.1, the connector series is available in both PCB mount and cable mount versions in both straight and right angle variants. u

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