SBC suits high-speed networking

Paul Boughton

Eurotech is introducing the CPU-1464, a highly reliable single board computer (SBC) for mobile high-speed networking applications.

This RoHS-compliant module is based around the 800MHz Intel Pentium III processor with 256MB DRAM soldered onboard and high-speed Gigabit Ethernet. The CPU-1464 is an upgrade and replacement to the widely proven CPU-1463 CPU module.

Suitable applications for the CPU-1464 include networked mobile real-time applications such as telecommunications controllers, vehicle data servers and routers, network controllers or multimedia and high-end video systems. The CPU-1464 is suitable for vehicle-based applications that need to be highly resistant to extremes of temperature, shock and vibration.

Dedicated interfaces include Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100Mbit Ethernet, four USB1.1 ports, two serial ports, one AC97 audio interface, one standard VGA output, one LVDS output and also keyboard and PS/2 mouse ports. IDE mass storage devices, such as a disk-on-module, CF card or HDD, can be connected to the onboard high-speed EIDE controller. Also included are a real-time clock, hardware watchdog timer and non-volatile memory for system set-up storage.

The innovative construction of this CPU module makes structural heat dissipation through an enclosure easy to implement, which therefore expands the range of potential suitable. Efficient heat conduction from components and an optimised low-power design result in a wide standard operating temperature range from 0 to +50 degrees C or an extended range of -40 to +85 degrees C.

Full compatibility with the x86 hardware architecture guarantees compatibility with standard operating systems such as WinCE, WinXPE and Linux. A CPU development system is available to aid project development, testing and integration.

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