High surge current protection thyristor

Paul Boughton

Littelfuse Inc has introduced the Q2L series C-Rated SIDACtor device.

With a footprint of only 3.3x3.3mm and only 1mm in height, it is the smallest protection thyristor in the telecom protection market to provide such a high level of surge protection - boasting a surge rating of 500A 2x10ºs.

Its small package QFN (Quad Flatpak No-Lead) is suitable for dense board applications such as line cards and other multi-channel telecommunications equipment.

The Q2L series C-Rated SIDACtor device provides bidirectional transient voltage protection and offers a wide range of Ipp ratings, including 200A for 5x310/10x700µs event (ITU/YDT waveform), 100A for 10x1000µs event (GR 1089 waveform) and 150A for 10x560µs event (TIA-968-A).

With proven Teccor brand SIDACtor technology and an innovative design, the C-Rated version is truly in a class by itself.

This device is equipped with leads on the bottom to address the creepage and clearance requirements of UL/EN 60950, providing more efficient routing of traces on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board). Its low clearance also makes it possible to be used on the ‘back-side’ of the PCB, saving space and allowing for additional board size reduction.

As an added advantage, the C-Rated SIDACtor device is extremely durable, delivering exceptional performance in applications exposed to the environment, including remote terminals, loop extenders, wireless remote sites, repeater sites and many more.

For more information, visit www.littelfuse.com