Loop tester for high energy

Paul Boughton

Currently the only instrument of its type which is certified suitable for high-energy Category IV 300V applications, as defined by IEC 61010 1, Megger's new LT300 high-current loop tester has already been approved for use by a number of UK utility companies.

Using the CAT IV certified LT300 eliminates the need for health and safety concession notes or detailed guidance instructions which have, in the past, been required in certain applications to allow the use of inappropriate products because only CAT III instruments were available.

In addition, the LT300 is three-phase safe, which overcomes the problem of accidental damage. These features save time and money, while ensuring that the highest standards of safety are maintained.

The low-cost LT300 is a cost-effective and dependable choice for all energy supply, industrial and trackside applications where RCDs are not used.

Suitable for single-phase and phase-to-phase loop testing, it employs a test current of 30mA, and offers a choice of two loop impedance ranges - 0 to 20 with a resolution of 0.01?, and 0 to 200? with a resolution of 0.1?.

The LT300 is exceptionally easy to operate. Users simply select the required impedance range, connect the instrument and initiate the test by pressing a button. The result is shown almost instantly on large clear display which is easy to read, even under difficult lighting conditions.

Designed for maximum versatility without the need for complicated settings or adjustments, the instrument covers the voltage range 50V to 550V, and is suitable for use at frequencies from 16Hz, found in some traction applications, right up to the 400Hz systems used in temporary site supplies.

Megger's new LT300 high-current loop testers are offered in two versions. The LT300-EN-00 is supplied with a standard two-wire lead set for general applications, while the LT300-EN-BS is supplied with a UK mains plug lead set. Both types are supplied with a case and a calibration certificate. Optional accessories include fused lead sets to allow users to comply with internal safety standards.

Also available from Megger are the LT310 and LT320 low-current loop testers which are guaranteed not to trip RCDs rated at 30mA or 6A MCBs on split-supply lighting circuits. Certified for Category III 300V use, these models are particularly suitable for carrying out tests in residential and commercial premises.

Developed in close consultation with electrical contractors, all Megger loop testers are easy to hold and use, even under difficult on-site conditions. They have a robust rubber case with a built-in lid to protect the display, ensuring that they are easily able to withstand the rigours of day-to-day use. In addition, the instruments are IP54 ingress protection rated, indicating that they are exceptionally well protected against the entry of dust and water.

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