Internal release ensures escape

Paul Boughton

Fortress Interlocks is introducing an Internal Release (IR) adaptor for the company's Amgard range of modular safety gate switches. It provides an internal release function for safety and access key installations.

The IR adaptor is compatible with the Fortress Stop, a non-solenoid gate switch that switches off the safety circuits.

The Amgard range combines trapped key and gate switch technologies to control access to equipment protected by safety guarding. The IR adaptor provides a means of escaping potentially dangerous areas such as robot cells, cold stores and warehouse bays. If an operative becomes trapped inside an area they can use the IR adaptor to unlock the door from the inside.

When pressed, the button on the rear of the unit releases the tongue from the actuator head, thereby unlocking the area and allowing the operator to exit. If required, the IR adaptor can also be used to cut the power to any dangerous machinery. Combined with a Stop unit, the IR adaptor will break the safety circuits, shutting off power to machinery inside the area.

The Amgard range consists of modular units, providing maximum flexibility. Customised interlock systems can be created to individual specifications using standard products. The modular functionality means Amgard systems can easily be configured to accommodate the latest safety standards and be updated in the future.

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