Fail-safe operation for induction heating

Paul Boughton

Fairchild Semiconductor has introduced a 1200V/15A NPT-Trench IGBT with the ability to withstand as much as 300mJ of avalanche energy in induction heating (IH) applications.

This excellent avalanche capability helps ensure rugged fail-safe operation of the system during abnormal avalanche-mode conditions that commonly affect IH appliances such as microwave ovens, IH rice cookers and other IH cookers.

The FGA15N120ANTD offers optimum trade-offs between low conduction loss (VCE(sat), typ = 1.9V) and switching loss (Eoff, typ = 0.6mJ) to increase efficiency and significantly reduce the system’s operating temperature.

Fairchild’s FGA15N120ANTD is based on the company’s proprietary Trench cell design and thin wafer NPT process that enables the device to provide up to 300mJ of avalanche capability. When tested in a set evaluation using a 1.4kW/24kHz IH appliance, the trade-offs between the device’s switching and conduction losses reduced operating temperature to a low 34.5degC. In addition to these performance benefits, this compact IGBT integrates a fast-recovery diode (FRD) to help designers reduce component count while further ensuring system reliability.

In addition to the FGA15N120ANTD, Fairchild Semiconductor offers a wide-ranging portfolio of 600V to 1500V discrete IGBTs targeting high-power induction heating appliances. This line-up of IGBTs is well suited for diverse induction heating topology requirements.

The FGA15N120ANTD is available in a lead (Pb)-free TO-3P package that meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint IPC/JEDEC standard J-STD-020C and is compliant with the European Union requirements now in effect.

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