Shrink-free vinyl ester resins

Paul Boughton

Hundreds of square metres of the seamless shrink-free vinyl ester resins have been applied to a new formic acid plant at Perstorp Speciality Chemicals AB, in the south of the country.

The installation is the largest project to date involving Flowcrete Corrosion Protection's ATB 300 products in Sweden.

Last year, ATB 300 products were installed at Snøhvit, in northern Norway, where huge volumes of natural gas are being brought to land for liquefaction and export from the plant - the world's northernmost liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility. As part of the works, ATB-30 shrink free vinyl ester systems from Flowcrete Corrosion Protection were used to protect and preserve 12 storage tanks at the site.

In Sweden, products installed at Perstorp Speciality Chemicals AB included the ATB-300 SL self leveling system, installed at a standard 3mm thickness, as well as ATB-300 Structure and ATB-300 GL Glass Lining.

Anders Karlsson, of Flowcrete Sweden, said: “The concrete surface was ground down to provide a profiled surface able to ensure maximum adhesion.

“ATB-300 SL was applied to deliver a protective surface that is easy to maintain. ATB-300 Structure was installed to create an anti-slip surface. All foundations were laminated with ATB-300 GL.

“Historically, concrete has been used at this site (with the result that the concrete slowly corroded) but for this new plant the ATB-300 system was chosen for its exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance.”

ATB-300 products include a range of specialist corrosion resistant floor screeds and renders, waste water treatment coatings and bund-lining systems. The products can be applied on both steel and concrete structures.

Based on a special shrink free modified vinyl ester resin - the ATB-300 range was originally developed by Belgian chemist Emiel Roumieux. It has now been patented in 20 countries and is recognised as one of the world's leading chemical protection products.

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