100 per cent oil-free compressed air

Paul Boughton

Atlas Copco's Oil-free Air division has announced that the company's Z series of oil-free rotary screw air compressors is the first in the world to be TÜV certified ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0.

Risk of any contamination by oil is effectively eliminated during food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals manufacturing and packaging, electronics manufacturing, automotive paint spraying and powder coating as well as textile manufacturing.

Certification was carried out using the most stringent test methods available, simulating realistic industrial installation environments. At all test conditions, no traces of oil could be determined and the compressed air was certified to be in the Category 'Class 0' in terms of oil content.

Contamination by even trace quantities of oil can result in damaged batches or products, high rejection rates and returns, and costly production downtime and clean-up.

Industries that risk contaminating their products with oil may expose themselves to product recalls, legal action and the negative consequences these have on company reputation and brand equity. The industries concerned include food and beverage processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and packaging, electronics manufacturing, automotive paint spraying, powder coating, textile manufacturing, and others.

Due to rising customer concern with safeguarding their industrial processes and end products, Atlas Copco Oil-free Air division received frequent requests for certifications for the air quality level provided by the flagship Z series of oil-free rotary screw air compressors. In 2005, the division initiated a certification procedure for its compressors under the ISO 8573-1 standard.

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