Safety interlocks deliver 1m actuations

Paul Boughton

Scientific Technologies is introducing a new range of safety interlock switches that combine versatility with long-life and rugged performance.

The Safety Limit (SL) series interlock switch has been engineered by STI to provide a minimum of one million actuations, making it suitable for high-usage applications - such as sliding guard doors, moving machine beds and crane arms - where reliability and longevity are important.

The SL Series switches are available in a wide range of actuator configurations and with either plastic or die-cast housings, making them extremely versatile and suitable for most applications. A rotating head, which allows four different actuator mounting positions, increases flexibility still further and makes the SL series switch easy to install in virtually all situations. A Nema 4-rated water resistant enclosure also allows them to be used in water washdown environments.

A wide variety of contact configurations is available, from two to four sets of contacts with snap action, break-before-make and make-before-break operating variants. All contacts are force guided for positive operation by the actuator, and all models are built for long-term reliability and a minimum of one million actuations.

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