High-specification data logger is sealed to IP67

Paul Boughton

The MAHTechS M5X data logger from Micro Movements is suitable for sophisticated and high-precision motorsport, industrial research and development and testing applications.

A removable compact flash memory card enables up to 1Gbyte of data to be stored, ensuring a very short data downloading time. A special door guarantees that sealing to IP67 is maintained, yet it enables the compact flash card to be removed very quickly. Alternatively, a standard version is available for cost-sensitive applications.

Flexible and fully programmable via an Ethernet connection, the device can be equipped with an optional memory locker transponder activated. This enables the user to track memory card access. Three user-programmable Canbus ports open up connectivity to the user's own Can network. An expansion port enables up to 76 analogue channels to be used. Password protection and data encryption provide security for the stored data.

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