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Paul Boughton

think3, a leading supplier of industrial design and product development software, is launching its next generation of computer-aided design systems.

With this first in a series of 2006 releases, thinkiD Designxpressions builds on think3's target-driven design approach to free designers from the technology constraints of traditional computer-based systems. The thinkPLM suite includes new features that provide more functionality and greater control.

In its 2006 release, thinkiD Designxpressions offers new interactive capabilities, pain-free shape and model modifications and enhancements to GSM3 (global shape modelling). It is claimed to be the only creation/modification tool that creates rapid and accurate variations, modifications or refinements anytime, anywhere in the product design process - thereby allowing for faster iterations, unlimited design creativity and no rebuilding.

Major 2006 Designxpressions enhancements include: GSM Planar (designers can interactively manipulate and modify an object's shape without worrying about design intent, which provides both accuracy and quality while offering the same feel as clay modelling); dynamic morphing (in dynamic mode, users can create infinite variations of shape changes from a controlled GSM modification, preview them and then stop to select just the right one); associative blending curves and shapes (think3's tool for blending curves and shapes is now associative (history-based), so designers can use it to test a frame of 'parametric free-form design' and smoothly blend shapes and update, while modifying the reference shapes); Associative Global Sweep (Designxpressions' distinctive way of sweeping curves along a 2D or 3D path, which can also contain sharp corners, is also now associative); Automotive Grid (a handy, multipurpose tool for designers to manage large objects - such as cars, trains, airplanes or boats - on a 2D grid layout, rather than standard dimensioning).

Our goal of freeing designers of the traditional burdens they face in computer-aided design continues says David Ciarloni, director of industrial design product marketing for think3. Designxpressions allows designers to concentrate on their passion - design and shapes - not the complexities of math and algorithms. More importantlythey have the comfort of knowing their designs are both beautiful and accurate."

Also new with this releasethink3's thinkdesignoffering best-in-class 3D designhas a number of new enhancements. New features include: Animations Maker (designers can now conveniently create animations to check collisions and AVI files can be created for presentation development); advanced performance in large assemblies; 2D shaded views; thinklight (a low-costeasy-to-use application that allows customers - inside the company or out - to showzoompan and measure think3 files).

thinkPLM complements think3's industrial design products. Integrating design into product developmentmanufacturing and maintenance processes for the entire product lifecyclethinkPLM helps companies share information and optimize efforts with external partners and suppliers.

With thinkPLM for 2006think3 continues to increase functionality and product enhancements including more vendor-neutral capabilities and easier data management of large assemblies. The 2006 product release represents next-generation innovation for creating better design conceptsstreamlining the design-to-manufacture process and bringing together disparate data and people from around the world.

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