Internal gear pump can be equipped with a heating element

Paul Boughton

For many years Rotan Internal Gear Pumps have been providing solutions for the transport of viscous mediathe user getting more effective and economical solutions due to constant product development.

Because of the temperature/viscosity relationship of many productssuch as bitumenplants and pumps have to be heated. Thermal oil or water/steam systems are widely used but need complex infrastructure. Electric heating is making pump temperature control much easier especially in mobile plantswhere other possibilities for heating are not available.

The Rotan pump can be equipped with a heating element from 330W within the pump idlerthis being ideally placed in the very centre of the pump. In many applications this simple and reliable solution is sufficient but for higher demandsadditional electric heating elements can be placed in the rear cover.

A thermostatically controlled operating system is availablepreventing the pump from being started before the correct operating temperature is reached and with the additional benefit of preventing the pump from overheating on temperature critical applications.

Pictured are two 8-in Rotan pumps for Asphalt transfer installed in 2004 equipped with electrical heating and temperature control via one PT-100 mounted on the pump casing. At 120°C the temperature gives the signal to start the pump avoiding that it starts under cold conditions. At 170°C the electrical heating is shut off via the temperature control preventing the pump from being over-heated. Since the start up in 2004 the pumps have been running without any interruption and maintenancesaving a lot in energy cost for the user.

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