Longer service life with disc and leaf filters

Paul Boughton

Stork Veco has developed an improved disc filter (leaf filter) for cake filtration infor examplethe additives for lubricant industry. Problems caused by traditional wire-mesh screenssuch as difficult cake dischargecleaning and cloggingare solved with the Veconic Plus screen.

With electroforming conical holes are produced in a rigid structure that does not deform. The conical hole shape with the narrowest part of the hole on the working side of the filteravoids clogging of the screen. This means the filter can be run longer between cleaning.

Because the electroformed filter does not clog easilypressure builds up more slowlyresulting in longer filtration cyclesand therefore increased production capacity. 

Stork Veco is based in EerbeekThe Netherlands www.storkveco.com