System sprays or injects five different materials

Paul Boughton

Bentley Chemicals has launched the EZ~Spray Junior which sprays or injects five different materials from one gun and can be used for insulationcoatingencapsulation and specialised moulding.

The new system sprays urethane rubber and plasticStyroCoat (polystyrene hard coating)rigid foam andfor the very first timesilicone rubberenabling the production of ‘instant moulds’ from a wide variety of surfaces.

Developed by Smooth-On in the United StatesEZ~Spray Junior incorporates an inexpensive special cartridge gun which only requires a compressor for spraying or injecting foamplastic or rubber from dual 400ml disposable cartridges.

The system has major advantages over existing methods – there is no wastageit is cleaneasy to use and requires no maintenance and with fast curingit brings major time and labour savings and can be used across a wide variety of applications.

With foamsthe system can be used for insulation and reinforcementfor protection and coating in particularly hostile environmentsand for making lightweightflame resistant castings. It can also be used for hard coating large areas of foam quickly with Styrocoat – a plastic that is flame and impact resistantwhich can then be sandedprimed and painted.

When used to spray urethane rubber for making moulds to cast concreteplaster and waxsurface preparation is required by applying sealing and release agents for quick and easy de-moulding. Urethane plastic can be sprayed over cured rubber moulds to make fast support shells and mother moulds. Plastic can also be sprayed into the rubber moulds to make fastlightweight castings.

For specialised mouldingsthe biggest breakthrough is the systems ability to spray silicone rubber. The rubber will set in one hour to make almost instant moulds from any original model. Minimal surface preparation is required for making fast sprayed silicone moulds (with a hardness of Shore A35) that have the best release properties for production casting of resins and plaster.

“This system has great potential across industrialengineering and moulding applications” commented Richard Watsonmanaging director of Bentley Chemicals. “It is an easy to use system that is versatileconvenient and it is highly cost effective. We are discovering new applications for it almost every week!” 

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