Reach: the critical challenge

Paul Boughton

In all likelihoodin the spring of 2007the new European chemicals legislation REACH (RegistrationEvaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals)) will enter into force. In spite of various substantial revisions and improvements of the proposalREACH iswithout questionthe most important challenge for the chemical industry in the past decades.

REACH assigns the responsibility for chemical safety to industry. All enterprises that manufacture or import more than one ton of a given chemical per year will be required to register the latter in a central databaseby submitting a technical dossier.

Most notablythe preparation of an extensive Chemical Safety Reportwhich isin additionrequired for substances in quantities above 10 tons per annumrepresents a challengeparticularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Risk assessments for human exposure and the environment are key elements in this document. In order to adequately prepare such a reportwhich includesfor examplethe development of exposure scenarios and the evaluation of the extensive physico-chemicaltoxicological and ecotoxicological results obtained in the required test proceduresan in-depth knowledge of chemistrybiologytoxicology and ecotoxicology is indispensable.

Given the aboveit is likely that competent consulting companiesas well as contract research organisationswill play a key role as partners vis-à-vis the chemical industryassisting it to meet the  REACH requirementsfacilitating the implementation of the new chemicals policy and reducing the costs.

Cooperation will ensure the fulfilment of REACH objectivesie the optimal protection of human health and the environmentas well as the free circulation of substances on the internal marketwhile at the same time enhancing competitiveness and innovation.

Dr Knoell ConsultIbacon and BSL Bioservice have established a cooperation in which Ibacon is responsible for the execution of physical/chemical and ecotoxicological studiesBSL for toxicological studiesand Dr Knoell Consult for the compilation of datapreparation of risk assessments for human exposure and the environment etc. 

Dr Knoell Consult GmbH is based in LeverkusenGermany.