Wedge bulb lights up instrument panel

Paul Boughton

LEDtronics’ BSD-1838 14 Volt T1-1/4 Twist Lock Base Mount Neo Wedge Bulb that may be used in many instrument panels.

The Neo Wedge Bulb is available in dazzling yellow or vibrant red allowing many versatile lighting for many applications such as dashboards, air conditioning indicators, button lamps, gauge illumination, warning markers, headlight switches, PC boards lamps, or even lighting for your jet ski and boat.

The BSD-1838-0UR LED emits a luminous red colour using 14V at a viewing angle of 125°. Giving off a pleasing yellow color at a 125° angle, the BSD-1838-0UY LED also uses 14V. Both these LEDs are highly durable and reliable and require no socket. Installation can be done using an easy twist-to-lock method to ensure a secure electrical contact. These LEDs eliminate many of the shortcomings of conventional indicator lamps. These LEDs remain vibrant and easy to see when old traditional lamps begin to dim and sometimes fail completely.

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