Early warning avoids environmental disaster

Paul Boughton

Typically, industrial plants will use a wide range of (sometimes very simple) contact type devices, such as rupture or burst indicators, position switches, on/off indicators, etc.

These devices are often designed into the plant to provide information to limit or avoid loss of process media, environmental issues, organise maintenance interventions or provide warnings about potentially unsafe conditions.

However, often these signals are not captured consistently due to technical limitations of existing process control systems (PLCs) or shortage of resources.

This situation is often unacceptable as tightening legislations (safe working conditions, environmental/emissions, etc) will require the plant owner/operator to react immediately when an upset condition exists.

The new Fike EPACO Status Indication & Monitoring (SIM) product line provides a ‘plug & play’ answer to most plant operators facing the need to supervise several signaling devices. The Fike SIM offers a solution: the modular system based on the Field Module (SIM-FM) linked with the Control Module (SIM-CM) allows the continuous/dedicated supervision, reporting and reaction without a need for the user to invest on expensive process monitoring hardware/software.

The features as offered by the SIM system are:

* As the SIM FM supports both open/close type inputs, it offers a ready-to-use solution to monitor most standard industry inputs.
* SIM-FM acts as a ATEX-certified intrinsically safety barrier, therefore avoids the need for investing in additional intrinsically safe barriers when used in explosion hazardous areas.
* LED-visualisation for power, trouble, activation, and network condition status provides instant communication of process changes on the floor with precision to individual device.
* Integrated changeover contact type relay in the SIM-FM for process interlocking can be used to trigger automatic process correction and minimised downtime.

The SIM Control Module provides a centralised point for supervision and control of Field Modules and utilises a dedicated network protocol that allows for easy installation when required even remote from the process in areas such as control rooms.

Utilising a single network station with three seven-segment LEDs, the SIM Control Module can monitor the input of up to 32 SIM Field Modules with configured output.

The use of the SIM Control Module, in combination with the Field Modules, offers following advantages:

* Annunciates detailed information for individual input signals of all connected equipment status.
* Displays system details on activation, troubles, connection.
* Pin points and communicates process or device changes enabling specific corrections or repairs.
* LED visualisation of power status, overall trouble and activation conditions.
* Eliminates undetected fugitive emissions through activated pressure relief devices, reducing emission fines.
* Integrated changeover contact type relay for process interlocking allows for immediate process correction and reduced maintenance costs.

For more information, visit www.fike.com/rdaccessories_products.html#sim