Combined system for safety-related control

Paul Boughton

Since Pilz launched the safe, open bus system Safetybus p in 1999, it has been proven throughout the world in the widest range of industries and in many thousands of applications.

Now Pilz is launching Safetynet p, a combined system for safety-related control, standard machine or process control, and motion control applications; it has real-time capability, it is totally flexible and - in keeping with Pilz's philosophy - it is open.

With real-time capability, Safetynet p satisfies even the highest requirements, such as those for controlling drives on multi-axis systems. It is also possible to scan the topology of the overall architecture. This makes it easier to identify the network structure and provides users with status diagnostics for their plant and machinery, as well as additional information on the status of the communication links.

Safetynet p provides flexible topologies and structures, making it suitable for adapting to all types of applications. Another feature is the high level of decentralisation. Controller intelligence is transferred locally to field level, which increases performance and adds to the flexibility of the overall system. So Safetynet p meets the requirement for the decentralisation of control functions, while still retaining a centralised perspective.

Thanks to the openness of Safetynet p it is possible to implement the system in parallel with other industrial Ethernet protocols such as Ethernet/IP or Profinet/IO, for example. "We will keep with our philosophy of openness, so that users are not constricted in how they implement their systems" says Renate Pilz, managing partner of Pilz. "What is more, we are protecting our customers' investment by making Safetynet p totally compatible with existing Safetybus p applications."

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