Sedimentation equipment growth

Paul Boughton

The world market for sedimentation and centrifugation equipment will rise from US$5billion/yr in 2005 to US$6billion/yr by 2010.

In the continually updated online reportSedimentation and Centrifugation World Marketsthe McIlvaine Company attributes the growth primarily to the increased demand in the water and energy sectors.

In the water sectorequipment such as clarifersdissolved air flotationcentrifugesand hydrocyclones are used for preliminary treatment of drinking waterwastewater purificationand sludge dewatering. The booming market in Asiawhere most of the citizens still lack clean waterwill account for significant growth.

The world will be investing over US$50billion per year in new coal-fired power plants over the next two decades. This will result in nearly US$100million per year invested in a variety of sedimentation and centrifugation equipment. These plants will require large amounts of surface water for cooling. Clarifiers will be needed to remove sediment and provide pre-treatment.

Hydro cyclones and clarifiers will be needed to concentrate the gypsum formed by the capture of SO2 in limestone scrubbers. Basket centrifuges will compete with belt filters for the dewatering of the gypsum.

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