Measurement of air and gas speed, temperature and volume in industrial applications

Paul Boughton

The new air velocity transmitter EE75 from E+E Elektronik has been designed for accurate measurement of air speed and gas flow between 0 and 40m/s (0–8000ft/min).

The high-quality hot film sensor element is based on state of the art thin film technology and guarantees highest sensitivity even at very low mass flows. The construction of the sensing head reduces to a minimum the impact of the mounting angle on the measurement results.

The EE75 can detect and measure even smallest flow changes due to temperature variationwhereby resulting fluctuations of the output signal can be suppressed by the user by software settings. The temperature compensation integrated in EE75 reduces to minimum the influence of temperature on the gas velocity measurement. The robust metal housing allows the use of EE75 at process temperatures between -40 and 120°C (-40–248°F).

Using the configuration software the user can input the duct diameterin which case beside gas velocity and temperature also the corresponding volume flow will be available as analogue output and on the optional display. EE75 is available as duct mountedwall mounted and with sensing probe on flying lead of up to 10m as well as in pressure tight design up to 10bar.

E+E Elektronik GmbH is based in EngerwitzdorfAustria.


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