Self-tapping inserts for stressed screw couplings

Paul Boughton

With its self-tapping insert ENSAT, Kerb-Konus provides a solution for highly stressed and wear-resistant screw couplings in materials featuring a low shearing strength, such as aluminium or plastic structures.

An advantage of ENSAT is the unilaterally conically turned-on area which features a cutting slot or radial cutting orifices, respectively. This gives ENSAT its thread-cutting capability – just like a tap.

A further development of the thread-cutting standard ENSAT is an ENSAT with hexagon socket, namely the ENSAT SI/SBI. Thanks to the integrated hexagon socket in the ENSAT, the latter can now be inserted in the structural element by means of the hexagon insertion tool pertaining to it, instead of using a specific insertion tool. This type of processing helps to reduce assembly times by about 20percent and, as a consequence, reduces costs considerably, as the hexagon tool is simply pulled out of ENSAT axially after insertion. This also facilitates repairs. Should ENSAT be damaged, the ENSAT-SBI can be removed from the structural element easily by means of the hexagon tool.

The innovation among the thread-cutting inserts in the field of connection systems is the modified ENSAT-SI/SBI whose inside thread is right-handed, the outside thread being eft-handed. 

Kerb-Konus is based in Weiden, Germany.


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