New printing industry tape offers improved adhesion to stop plate lifting

Paul Boughton

There are tapes which dissolve in water while others solve heat management problems in your car’s engine.

We all take a variety of consumer and office, masking and splicing tapes for granted and we are surrounded by a variety of tapes in our everyday life, which resemble high-tech products in the truest meaning of the word.

A recent development for the flexo printing industry is launched this spring. A new extension to the existing DuploFLEX product range, which was developed for mid- to wide-web flexo printing, will be unveiled as the all new DuploFLEX Ultra.

This new range offers improved adhesion and thus alleviates plate lifting. At the same time it provides better adhesion to small diameter cylinders.

There is a new type of foam carrier which provides better longevity. It is more suitable for very long print runs and offers good resiliency.

Furthermore DuploFLEX Ultra incorporates a new paper liner which has a polygonal structure or snake skin pattern on both sides of the liner. The result of this development is to prevent the formation of trapped air during mounting. It is evident when examining the product that the surface is smooth and allows easy movement of the plate. Yet, it demonstrates higher tack when finally positioned. 

Lohmann GmbH & Co.KG is based in Neuwied, Germany.


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