Dampers integrated into modular range of linear actuators

Paul Boughton

The latest series of linear actuator from INA-Schaeffler KG has been supplemented by accessories geared towards practical use.

The new feature is the use of Enidine shock absorbers to give protection at the end traverse positions. The advantage is that everything comes from a single source. With this multifunctional modular concept, the customer can apply his individual requirements to configure a high speed, ready-to-fit system.

The INA linear actuator MKUVS42-LMl, with linear recirculating ball bearing units and a direct drive system, is one of the latest positioning systems available from INA-Schaeffler KG in Homburg, Saar. These ready-to-fit units of series MKUVS42-LM comprise a rigid support rail with a linear measuring system and the secondary component of the linear motor, and a carriage incorporating the primary component of the linear motor and preloaded linear recirculating ball bearing units (KUVS). Linear guidance specialist INA rounds off the linear actuator with individually selectable accessories to give a complete system that is ready-to-order and ready-to-fit.

The use of Enidine shock absorbers as a damping mechanism for the end position is part of the modular range of accessories for the new INA linear unit. Depending on the energy levels occurring in the application, the customer has the choice of a hydraulic emergency shock absorber solution, a polymer emergency damper or a combination of the two.

If hydraulic damping is used, two shock absorbers are mounted in parallel in order to prevent damage to the actuator if the carriage travels too far. This hydraulic damping solution is specifically matched to the use of the MKUVS42-LM actuator. The 20mm Enidine Platinum series shock absorbers, which are maintenance-free and ready-to-fit, have a maximum energy capacity per stroke of 54Nm and have a progressive type function in order to give smooth deceleration of the carriage.

The ‘one shot’ emergency stops are made from corrosion-resistant polymer material and can be mounted at the centre of the end plate of the MKUVS425LM unit. Unlike the hydraulic shock absorber design, these emergency dampers can be used only once and are replaced after each impact, but offer a cost-effective alternative with high energy absorption capabilities.

Beide Both emergency shock absorber options are suitable for a wide range of applications where motion occurs and special protection against damaging impacts and system failures is required.

Enidine Trading Company GmbH is based in Bad Bellingen, Germany.


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