Standard elastomer materials for ED applications

Paul Boughton

Explosive decompression (ED) usually occurs when elastomers are subject to a rapid pressure drop after being exposed to high gas pressures.

ED can destroy the elastomeric materials and may result in seal failure. For applications where ED is expected, normally special formulated elastomers are selected. These however, usually are more expensive and less available than standard materials, because of their less frequent use.

In order to avoid these two factors Economos standard materials – available off the shelf and in any sealing profile – have been tested in respect to ED. These standard materials  are suited for such critical applications.

Ecorubber 2 (FKM) and H-Ecopur (TPU) – both Economos standard grades – have been tested in accordance to the following standards:

  • NACE TM 0192.
  • NACE TM 0297.
  • NORSOK M-710.

The table below shows some of the test results that have been recorded for tests strictly in compliance with NORSOK M-710:

Economos Austria GmbH is based in Judenburg, Austria.


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