ROV operations control unit can withstand emersion to one metre

Paul Boughton

A new, completely sealed and waterproof surface control unit for ROV operations has been developed by Seaeye.

Rated to the international standard IP68, the unit can withstand emersion to a depth of one metre. This means the whole system can be deployed in an exposed RIB or light launch when worked in conjunction with a small generator.

Designed for use with their Seaeye Falcon ROV, the unit’s special sealing arrangements and slip-ring hinge between base and lid, means it is also fully protected against dust ingress in any hazardous shore-based environment.

The lightweight unit is built into a rugged case with an integral daylight readable video display and overlay. All the controls necessary for operating the ROV are set within the case.

The accompanying power supply unit has external power compensating switching to compensate for various umbilical lengths and is also rated to IP68.

Demand for this higher specification control system follows growing sales of the Falcon in a wide range of applications including sales to defence forces around the world amongst them British, American, Russian, Italian, Chinese and New Zealand forces.

The Falcon’success as a portable ROV comes from its superior power and handling as well as its modern distributed intelligence control system. This provides a core vehicle that is easier to operate and maintain in the field.

An increasing range of mission specific under-slung tooling modules can be quickly added or removed from the core vehicle as operations demand - making the Falcon ideal for a wide range of tasks including homeland security, EOD, diver support, inspection, survey and scientific work to 300metre (1100feet) water depth. 

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